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Prisoner Transportation Services MN

Secure Prisoner Transportation & Guard ServicesSearching for a reliable, cost-effective, professional, and safe prisoner transport service can seem impossible, especially when you’re in need of last-minute prisoner transportation. Fortunately, at Fairline Security, we’re committed to providing affordable and safe prisoner transportation at a moment’s notice, offering 24-hour emergency prisoner transport services to ensure that, whether you’ve had weeks or hours to prepare a prisoner for transport, you have a reliable transportation service available. We provide prisoner transport services for prison-to-prison transfers, court appearances, extraditions, hospitals, and more. All of these services can be conducted in-house, but it’s much more cost-effective to outsource your prisoner transports, and when you work with Fairline Security, you’ll have the benefit of working with prisoner transportation professionals who work to keep prisoners and themselves safe during any journey, trained to handle violent situations with care so that prisoners arrive to their destination without being harmed or harming others during transport.

Safe, Secure Prisoner Transports

One of the most stressful aspects of hiring a prisoner transport company to transport prisoners to any location is the knowledge that, in many cases, prisoner transportation crews are far more concerned with making money than they are with protecting your prisoners. However, at Fairline Security, we’re a security guard company that’s committed to protecting the personal safety of everyone we work with, including prisoners. We want to be sure that, whether your prisoners are being transported for extradition or being brought back to your prison from the hospital, they’re treated as they should be – as prisoners placed under our protection to be guarded from themselves and from others, and to guard others against violent prisoners. With this mentality, we take prisoner transports as seriously as any of our other personal security or security guard services, making sure that, at the end of the day, you’re satisfied with our performance, and your prisoners are unharmed.

Hospital Transport Service and Prisoner Watch

When you’re in need of a prisoner hospital transportation service in the event that a prisoner is incapacitated or mildly harmed, you might not always require an ambulance to get him or her to the hospital for treatment. For scheduled visits or for unexpected hospital visits that aren’t considered “emergencies,” paying the expensive cost of an ambulance simply isn’t necessary when there is a safe alternative. With prisoner transportation services to and from hospitals, if you have a prisoner who has sustained a mild injury that needs attention, contact our 24-hour prisoner transport service. Even if we’re not the ones to transport a prisoner to the hospital, if you have a prisoner being treated who needs hospital-to-prison transportation, we’ll ensure that we safely transport injured or healing prisoners back to your prison.

Prisoner Transport Equipment and Training

Transporting prisoners isn’t a simple task that anyone can do on a whim just to make some extra money. Although there are less qualified prisoner transport companies that will treat prisoners poorly during transport or leave prisoners unprotected against each other, only focused on making quick cash on unexpected prisoner transports, Fairline Security isn’t in the business of providing substandard security services for profit. We are in the security business, through and through, and that means that our number one priority, even as a prisoner transport service, is safety and security. That’s why we only employ highly trained prisoner transport professionals with extensive backgrounds in the security and transportation industry. With qualified prisoner transport employees, we ensure that each security guard working on a prisoner transport is qualified to make the necessary calls to keep everyone safe during a prisoner transport. Our prisoner transportation vehicles and tools are also fully equipped for safe prisoner transport to ensure that your prisoners can ride securely to their destination.

24-Hour Emergency Prisoner Transportion Services

One of the many benefits of hiring Fairline Security prisoner transportation security is that we offer 24-hour prisoner transports any day of the year. That’s 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year what you can have unlimited prisoner transport services available at your beckon call, regardless of the time. We’re available by phone, fax, or email to receive prisoner transport orders at any time of day, reviewing requests as we receive them so that you receive the timeliest response possible and can get your prisoner transport on the way without waiting hours or days for a response.

Contact the Twin Cities MN prisoner transport security personnel at Fairline Security today at (612) 747-8800 or info@FairlineServices.com, and see the difference our professional, trained, and fully equipped prisoner transport specialists can make in conducting affordable and safe prisoner transports.