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About Fairline Security & Protection

Fairline Security Services Located in MinnesotaFairline Security was started out of necessity. Our Mission Statement: As former Law Enforcement and military professionals, it is our duty to provide professional trustworthy services to our clients, top notch customer service, and a pleasant work environment.

We are a company where the best come for a career, not just a job.

Our professionalism and customer service is second to none in the industry. We lead by example and provide a proactive approach to all situations that arise.

Fairline Security began as a security company committed to providing high quality security services to anyone in need of security personnel, and we are still committed to this goal today. Security has always been, and always will be, a necessity for countless individuals, groups, corporations, institutions, and that’s why, as former law enforcement and military professionals, we’ve made career changes to become security professionals. For the highly skilled security professionals we employ, becoming a part of our security company isn’t just about making a smart career decision; it’s about providing much-needed security services to those who need an affordable and professional security team that makes safety its top priority at all times.

Twin Cities MN Security Guard Services

Although finding well-trained, experienced security guards and personal security details can be challenging, especially if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for in a good security team, Fairline Security is here to show you exactly how a professional security detail should perform. What makes our security guard company unique is the vast cumulative experience of our team and the wide range of security services we provide. Because of our extensive security backgrounds and experience in emergency situations, our former military and law enforcement security guards are perfectly suited to meet all of your security needs, all the while providing top-notch service that will help you find peace of mind.

Executive Protection & Transportation

An important factor in choosing an executive protection & transportation service, also known as personal security detail, is knowing whether you’re comfortable with your detail. At Fairline Security, we work to provide the best customer service and professional security services possible so that you’re completely satisfied with the security details we provide. Personal security details are available for anyone in need of individual or group security details, from business executives to politicians, celebrities to entire families.

Security Consulting and Safety Training Seminars

We offer both security consulting services and safety training seminars, ensuring that your business or institution is prepared for any emergency situations while still having a security team in place. Our security training seminars focus on providing businesses, schools, places of worship, and other establishments with valuable safety training and emergency situation preparedness plans. With security consultant services, we are able to provide as-needed security consulting for threat management, travel risk assessments, technical surveillance countermeasures, and more.

Employee Termination and Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace security must be considered at all times, with effective violence prevention plans and emergency situation preparedness procedures set up in advance for all business employees and executives to follow in an emergency. That said, even with preparation and violence prevention training, there are times when emergency situations will arise despite these efforts. That’s where workplace security details come into play. If you’re aware of a safety issue in your workplace, if you’ve recently received threats targeting your business, or if you’re dealing with a volatile terminated employee, then workplace security can go a long way toward preventing any harm coming to you, your employees, or your property.

Active Duty Law Enforcement for Active Shooter Prevention

In the event of an active shooter, the best way to ensure that the number of lives lost is as few as possible is to have an on-site security team ready to respond to active shooter situations. At Fairline Security, we understand how sensitive active shooter situations are, and how quickly a security team must react in order to save lives, and that’s why we employ active duty law enforcement officers for these positions. More than any other security guard, active duty officers know the sounds of gunfire, how to respond to active shooter situations, and how to quickly stop active shooters until police are able to arrive.

Event Security Services

We offer security services for large-scale events, including pre-event screenings and emergency situation preparedness, ensuring that you, your guests, and your property remain safe throughout the entire event.

Concierge Services

Whatever property you’re looking to keep closed off, our bouncers and doormen are trained to keep your property off-limits to anyone under age, unwelcome, or unexpected, ensuring that your business, property, or home only receives guests you approve and who won’t cause trouble on your property.

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