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Twin Cities MN Concierge Services

At any business, event, or venue that require identification or invitation for admittance, concierge services are usually required to ensure that anyone who isn’t meant to get through the front door won’t make it through. The benefit of Fairline Security’s concierge services, no matter what type of business you run or the kind of event you’re putting on, is that you can go beyond deciding whom to invite into your event, business, venue, or home property without worrying about any uninvited guests showing up unannounced and without permission. This simple benefit makes our concierge services the perfect security solution for any exclusive property or function that needs some help maintaining its exclusivity.

Highly Trained Bouncers & Doormen

The only problem you might find with other bouncers or doormen is that not bouncer is trained the same way, and not every bouncer follows their training. Unfortunately, that can mean more paperwork for you, more stress, and even legal trouble if something goes wrong with your bouncer for any reason. With our bouncers, though, you can be sure that you’ll be hiring professionally trained bouncers who not only stick to their training but who ensure that your company isn’t placed in jeopardy because of poor bouncer tactics and violence prevention methods. Our bouncers, rather than stimulating outside crowds or prompting fighting to get into your property or event, will settle disputes quickly and calmly to reduce violence and avoid conflict whenever possible, help you avoid civil lawsuits, and help to lower insurance rates on your property by performing their bouncer duties without letting any harm come to your property or your visitors.

Private Event Concierge Services

Private event doormen and bouncers can be exceptionally important if you’re running a closed-invitation event that requires an invitation for admittance. These events are often catered or planned for a set number of guests, such as is the case with weddings, parties, conferences, festivals, concerts, and other invitation-only events. That means that, if you hire an ineffectual bouncer or doorman, you’ll have to contend with unplanned guests who, at the very least are not accounted for, and at most, are not welcome at your event. To prevent any unpleasant encounters and ensure that your private event remains private, make sure to hire an effective bouncer service that puts your event’s needs and requirements first.

Business Doormen Services

If you’re running a business that requires employee identification to gain entry to your company building, hiring a corporate security doorman to monitor employees and visitors entering and exiting your building is crucial in maintaining company security. This way, you can keep track of everyone who is in your building, ensuring that your employees are accounted for should any emergency situations arise, and any visitors are documented to prevent you from being caught unaware by the arrival of any unexpected guests, clients, or even former employees.

Residential and Hotel Doormen

Doormen provide a sense of higher standard wherever they’re found, signifying that whatever property they’re guarding can be entered by invitation only. When stationed in front of residential or hotel properties, doormen serve exactly this purpose, helping to keep your property exclusive so that those who pay to live or stay on your property feel that they are receiving the benefits they deserve. Doormen are useful in keeping anyone who does not live in a residential property out to be sure that anyone who is not meant to be entering a property does not make their way in uninvited. The same can be said for hotels, which can appear to be less exclusive and less secure when anyone is able to enter and make use of hotel services without paying for a room in the hotel. Our doormen will ensure that they know the policies for admittance to your property, offering you individualized property security that will make your property as exclusive as you’d like.

Bar & Night Club Bouncers

Perhaps the most well-known form of bouncer are night-club and bar bouncers, stationed to prevent anyone underage from entering 21-and-over establishments. If you own and operate a bar or night club and want to protect your reputation, liquor license, and your entire business from lawsuits, hiring a bouncer from Fairline Security is a surefire way to ensure that your business is kept off-limits to anyone underage and that, should any trouble arise inside because of rowdy crowds, you’ll have on-site security to eliminate trouble makers or sources of violence before they pose a serious threat to your business or any of your customers.

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