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Security Consulting & Business Security Training Seminars MN

Security Consulting, Training & SeminarsEmergency situation preparedness is essential in corporation or business, ensuring that you, your employees, staff, and customers or clients are as safe as possible at all times, no matter what’s going on around you. To help you ensure that your business is ready for anything, we offer a variety of security training seminars and security consulting services that will help you to stay on top of security risks, prevent emergency or violent situations, respond effectively to threats or emergency situations, and create order amidst chaos in the event that something does go wrong on your property. With our security consulting services, you’ll find that you won’t have to resort to guesswork when preparing for or handling emergency situations with which you have limited to no experience. Instead, you’ll be trained and informed by professional security staff who have been handling real-life emergency situations for years and can provide invaluable first-hand experience.

Operational Security Consultation Services

Security consultant services can be an effective means of keeping your business safe without relying solely on training programs, which, though effective, are not always the best protection against all security risks, threats of violence, or emergency situations. By making use of our security consulting services, you can ensure that your business, and everyone on your property, is safe no matter what situations you encounter, because you won’t be alone in dealing with any emergency situations that arise. Our operational security consultant services include:

Executive Protection: As the head of a corporation or business, if your business is targeted in a violent event, or if you are involved in an emergency situation, protecting yourself is not always an easy task, especially if you’re worried about the safety of others. So that you don’t have to be solely responsible for your own personal security, we offer executive protection security services, ensuring that you are safe during emergency situations or violent events.

Threat Management: Threats have become a fact of life – something business owners deal with almost constantly. If your business is facing threats, trust in our threat management services to help evaluate threat and threat risks in order to prevent emergency situations and follow proper threat response protocol that will ensure you and everyone in your facility stays safe.

Travel Security Risk Assessments: If you travel for business, particularly overseas, you have likely encountered instances when you’ve been unable to travel for one reason or another, you’ve felt uneasy traveling to a certain location, or you’ve wondered whether you should have risked travelling in the first once you have reached your destination. When travelling for any reason, it’s important to evaluate travel risks, but when running a business, it’s absolutely crucial to make informed travelling decisions to ensure the safety of anyone travelling. To help you evaluate travel risks, we offer travel risk assessments that will outline the potential for danger in any given location, provide useful recommendations for safe company traveling policies and procedures, and provide personal travel security, if necessary.

Information Security: Protecting company information has become a difficult task in an age when information is so readily available and searchable online. To help you protect sensitive information or business insider information, we offer information security services to ensure private information remains private.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM): Surveillance countermeasures involves assessing your business for any undetected security that would be unwelcome in your facility or property. In the case of technical surveillance, surveillance countermeasures would include conducting bug sweeps to detect bugs and remove any unknown security risks or unwanted technical surveillance.

Private Client and Family Services: If you’re in need of security for an individual or family, we provide personal security services to anyone in need of security personnel.

Event Security: Event security is especially important at large-scale events with large crowds, where the risk of emergency situations is greater and handling emergency situations is more difficult because of the sheer number of people. However, even for smaller events, particularly events attended by executives, politicians, or celebrities, event security is essential in ensuring the safety of everyone in attendance.

In-House Security Training

To ensure that you and your employees are as prepared as possible for any and all emergency situations, our comprehensive training seminars will walk you through proper security protocols and emergency situation responses. With proper security training, you can be prepared to keep as many people as possible safe from harm during a violent event or emergency situation. With in-house training seminars, you’ll also have the benefit of ensuring everyone in your business has security training without organizing out-of-house training.

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