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Active Shooter Prevention MN

Active Shooter Prevention, Preparation, & Response MNAccording to the FBI, the number one form of domestic terrorism threat we face is active shooter situations, but still, countless companies, schools, and event hosts find themselves unprepared for an active shooter situation. Unfortunately, active shooter events are extremely difficult to prevent, which means that the best way to prevent active shooter casualties is to improve security against active shooters. Active shooter prevention comes in many forms, from active shooter training seminars to employee and staff active shooter drills, but no matter how many videos you watch, how many simulations you run, or how many informational active shooter lectures and events you attend, nothing can fully prepare you for an active shooter situation unless you’ve been under threat of gunfire before and know exactly how to respond. That’s why at Fairline Security, we provide active shooter prevention security, ensuring that, even with proper active shooter preparedness training, you have security on-site to implement active shooter protocol and respond to active shooter threats immediately.

Active Shooter Prevention Systems

If you’re wondering whether you need to invest in active shooter security, there’s a good chance that you do. If your institution or business feels threatened in any way, having on-site active shooter security can never be a mistake. Some of the more common uses of active shooter security include security in malls, places of worship, college campuses and schools, large-scale events, and large corporations with a large number of personnel. All of these locations have been locations for active shooter situations, usually due to the sheer number of people gathered in one space. To ensure that everyone working for you, attending an event or ceremony, or passing through your property is as safe as possible, if you plan on having any large crowds of people, make sure that you take every precaution necessary to prevent an active shooter situation.

Active Duty Law Enforcement Shooter Prevention Team

When you entrust the safety of yourself, your employees, guests, clients and customers, event or ceremony attendees, or anyone else on your property to our security members, you can rest assured that we offer more than the training you’d receive from other active shooter preparedness companies. We believe that active shooter situations require on-site security in order to eliminate active shooter threats immediately and without lost lives, and that’s why we employ active duty law enforcement to provide active shooter prevention security. That means that you can count on your active shooter security being trained as well as possible and have the benefit of having had real-world experience, enabling us to identify violent situations before an active shooter situation can escalate and eliminate active shooter treats quickly.

Benefits of Active Shooter Prevention and Preparation

Increase Active Shooter Prevention System Effectiveness: If you’re looking for peace of mind for you and anyone in or on your property, active shooter prevention security can provide you with just that, ensuring that you can efficiently complete daily tasks, events, and services without worrying about an active shooter situation. In the event of an active shooter situation, you can rest assured that we will be fully prepared to follow all active shooter protocol so that you won’t be forced to take measures into your own hands without having had sufficient active shooter preparedness training.

On-Site Security for Faster Active Shooter Response: No matter how many training exercises or active shooter protocols you implement, there’s nothing that can make police arrive at your property soon enough. In fact, it typically takes police about 15 minutes, on average, to respond to active shooter situations. On-site active shooter security ensures that immediate action is taken during an active shooter situation, no matter how far away the police may be.

Save Lives: At the end of the day, the entire purpose of active shooter prevention systems is to save as many lives as possible, and with on-site security, we can greatly reduce the risk of losing lives in an active shooter situation.

Reduce the Risk of Lawsuits: If your property is not properly equipped for active shooter prevention protocol, you could run the risk of paying off expensive lawsuits following an active shooter situation that is not dealt with as expediently as possible. Although lawsuits may be the least of your worries following an active shooter event, when we’re around, you can prevent active shooter lawsuits by preventing shootings themselves.

Law Enforcement Experience: With active duty law enforcement officers comes the benefit of having active shooter security that knows everything there is to know about active shooter situations, right down to what a gunshot sounds like – a sound most people cannot identify without previous experience.

No matter why you might require an active shooter prevention system, rest assured that on-site active duty law enforcement will always be the most effective active shooter prevention system you can find. Contact Fairline Security, LLC today at (612) 747-8800 or info@FairlineServices.com, and protect your property against active shooter events.