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Security Guard Services MN

Armed or Unarmed Security Guard and Patrol ServicesSecurity guards can have virtually endless uses, entirely dependent upon your individual security and protection needs. Fortunately for you, at Fairline Security, we provide security details of nearly every imaginable variety, from personal security to workplace security guards, special event security to place of worship protection, and more! With our security guard services, you can be sure that, no matter your security guard needs, we can meet them without a problem, offering both the manpower and the experienced security staff to properly protect any event, property, or person that requires protection. Whether you’re in need of a long-term security detail or a one-time security service, we can accommodate your specific needs to ensure that you remain safe without having to sacrifice any commitments, work responsibilities, religious activities, or otherwise.

Static & Mobile Patrol Security Guards

With as many security guard services as we provide, if you’re looking for security guards to work at a specific property, either at an event, at your business, or in your home, our security guards can offer both mobile and static patrol services, helping to keep entrances and exits of your property secure, patrolling your property to keep all areas secure, or both.

Armed & Unarmed Security Guards

To meet every security need, we provide both armed and unarmed security guard details so that, depending on whichever form of security service you’d prefer in your place of worship, on your property, in your business, or surrounding you and your family, you can choose between unarmed and armed security guards. Although there are often times when armed security guards would be recommended, based on the seriousness of violent threats or the possibility for violence or personal harm, there are also instances where unarmed security guards would provide sufficient protection and security services.

Workplace Security & Employee Termination

Workplace security guards can serve several purposes depending on your individual workplace security needs. Workplace security details are hired on a long-term contract in order to provide constant protection to companies. Having workplace security in place provides peace and mind that your companies assets, including it’s employees. are safe. As a business owner, you can look forward to long-term business security guards who are capable of aiding in violence prevention efforts, providing emergency situation preparedness training, and handling emergency situations as they arise without a problem. Workplace security details often go unnoticed, particularly during times when your business isn’t under threat, or until you intend to terminate an unstable employee or several employees at once who may react poorly or with violence.

Special Event Security Services

Our security guard teams are also available for one-time special event security, offering large-scale event security for large crowds of people in expansive spaces as well as smaller security details for small-scale events. Event security can also involve longer-term protection details, is often the case with week-long business conferences or festivals, which require near-constant security for several days in a row. Event security details can be used for monitoring events in places of worship, concerts, galas and high-profile events, and private functions with high-profile or high-net worth attendees, such as celebrities, CEOs, or politicians.

School and Campus Security Guards

Keeping schools and college campuses safe these days often means having on-site security guards available to settle disputes and react to any in-school violence or emergency situations. On-site school security guards can be instrumental in diffusing violent situations, from small incidents to active shooter situations, ensuring that, although police cannot arrive immediately, there is someone available to provide school security as soon and as often as it is needed.

Place of Worship and Violence Prevention Security Services

During religious events, religious holidays, ceremonies, and services that take place in houses of worship, it’s important to remember that, although having a safe haven to worship freely is important, it’s not respected by everyone. Unfortunately, this means that place of worship security details are often necessary to prevent violence in houses of worship and keep everyone inside safe. If you have received threats, if there have been violent acts targeting or surrounding your place of worship, or you feel that your place of worship is being threatened, err on the side of safety, and hire place of worship security guards to ensure that everyone who attends your place of worship can feel and be safe every day, in spite of any threats or causes for concern.

Executive Protection & Transportation

Are you in need of a personal security guard for yourself or your family? Do you need an entire family security detail? Not a problem! We can provide you with personal bodyguard details for one or more people to ensure that each member of your family is kept safe.

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