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Private Event Security Services St. Paul and MinneapolisWhen you think of event security, you might picture men in black suits hanging around, interrogating guests, and making your event uncomfortable for everyone in attendance. Fortunately, at Fairline Defense, that’s not how we operate. While our main priority is your safety and the safety of everyone attending your event, we are also concerned with providing you with whatever form of event security you need and want. We are able to assess threat risks, determine the danger of continuing to hold an event, and protect entire parties of people from danger, all the while staying within the parameters you give us for involvement in the event itself. If you’re considering hiring a St. Paul or Minneapolis, MN event security service, be sure that you look at the training, experience, and skills of Minnesota event security companies so that you can make the best decision for you and your event guests. At Fairline Defense, we offer the best form of security you could hope for; former military and law enforcement officers, fully trained in weapon handling and combat so that, whatever security needs you have, we’ll be there with the most qualified event security detail you can find.

Pre-Event Screening Services

When providing event security details, we always make sure that we’re meeting your parameters for acceptable security practices at your event, but we also want to keep you and your guests as safe as possible. That’s why we offer pre-event screening services to be sure that your event is not susceptible to attacks. By pre-screening event attendees, we are able to keep everyone at the event safe by checking that everyone who passes into your event will pose no threat to your event. Whether you’re holding a private event that requires an invitation or an event open to the public, we will work to be sure that no one in attendance poses a threat. By pre-screening guests, we are able to identify event attendees who may pose a threat to your event and who should be monitored closely should they attend. We are also able to, through event pre-screening services, identify those who show up to your event without invitations or who are attempting to bring weapons into your event. By being diligent in evaluating event attendees, we have a better chance at eliminating any threats of violence or trouble-making before your event is disrupted.

Violence Prevention for Any Event

When planning an event, it’s likely that you may not consider the importance of event security, or you may feel that, all in all, event security might not be necessary for your particular event. However, if your event, your guests, or the event’s host has been threatened in any way, having some form of event security is essential to making an event run as smoothly as possible. Not only does event security provide protection for everyone in attendance, it gives peace of mind to you and your guests so that you can enjoy the event without concentrating on any threats to your safety. Fairline Defense is a Twin Cities event security company with event security specialists who have experience working with small and large events, including ceremonies and gatherings, sporting events, concerts and shows, religious events, political rallies and dinners, and multi-day festivals and conferences. Contact our Minnesota event security company today at (612) 747-8800 or info@FairlineServices.com.