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St. Paul and Minneapolis Executive Protection DetailsIf you’re the CEO of your company or an executive of a major corporation or business, there can be times when you feel unsafe, whether it’s at work, out in public, or even at home. Particularly when threats are made to target you, your family, your employees, or your business as a whole. If you’re in need of reassurance that you will stay safe amidst threats of violence against you or your company, having an executive protection detail at your service is a must. Not only does it offer you the protection you’ll need in the event of an actual attack or legitimate threat, it can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will not be left defenseless. If you’re looking for an executive protection detail service in Minneapolis or St. Paul, Minnesota, look to Fairline Defense for your personal security needs. As a Twin Cities executive protection service, we offer more than a bodyguard service; we offer years of defense training, risk and threat assessment, and even more defense and safety services.

Executive and Family Protection

Family Protection Security Details MNIf you’ve been threatened, whether the threat was directly solely toward you or not, it’s likely that you will not be the only one to be seriously injured if anyone follows through on their threat. Unfortunately, family members can be included in threats made to executives, but there are also threats that can indirectly affect your family and anyone around you. If you or your family are being targeted, it’s important to take security precautions to be sure you keep yourself and your family safe. Our executive protection details can provide extensive defense services for individuals, but we are also capable of providing individual protection details for family members or entire family security details. Rather than risking that your family be caught in the crosshairs of any dangerous situations, we can provide threat assessment services and risk management teams to help you understand the legitimacy of threats and how you should respond to them. If appropriate, we will recommend a family security detail and begin providing whole-family protection details.

Short- and Long-Term Bodyguard Service

At Fairline Defense, our executive protection details are made up of trained, experienced, and skilled security personnel, including former military and law enforcement officers. We’ve recruited the best of the best in security and defense, combining a range of experiences and skills that are crucial in times of crisis or threat. Whether you’re looking for short-term executive bodyguards until a specific threat has been eliminated or you’re in need of a long-term executive protection detail, we have the resources, experience, and defense professionals you need to be safe at home, at work, or out in public. To hire your own executive security detail or family protection detail, contact our Twin Cities, MN executive protection specialists at (612) 747-8800 or info@FairlineServices.com.