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Workplace Security for Business MN

Office Security Guards, Surveillance Monitoring, Night Patrols MNWorkplace violence is not completely preventable, as no violence is, but, fortunately, you don’t have to deal with workplace threats or violence on your own. With our help, you can have a security team behind you and your employees to ensure that, should there be any instances of workplace violence, or even threats of violence at your business, we’re there for emergency situation response. Offering in-house security personnel for constant workplace security and violence prevention, threat management services to help assess and respond to company threats, and security training seminars to ensure that all employees know the proper response protocol in emergency situations to keep themselves sage.

Employee Termination Violence Prevention

Business Employee Termination Violence PreventionOften times, the most common cause of workplace violence is an employee termination, whether it be one employee or several at once. Employee terminations can be turn out so differently depending on each individual, and that can make terminating employees a somewhat hazardous job. Whether you’re terminating an employee because of negative behavior or nonperformance, or because you’re cutting jobs at your company, the response can be the same either way if you’re dealing with a disgruntled employee. Unfortunately, not all employees will handle termination well, and if you’re dealing with an unstable employee, it’s crucial that you handle the situation with care so that you don’t find yourself in a violent encounter. If you’re worried about an employee termination turning violent, consult our workplace security staff, and have proper protection in place in advance. That way, you can ensure that the worst situation you might have to deal with is verbal abuse, avoiding any occasion for violence or physical threats.

On-Site Business Security Staff

When you are terminating an unstable employee, and especially if you’re terminating several employees at once, violent reactions, or at least violent threats, are often to be expected. Although it would be preferable if terminating employees were always as simple as “letting someone go” and parting ways with only well-wishes, this is rarely the way things go, and preparing for the alternative is necessary to keeping your business and your employees safe. The best way to ensure the safety of everyone is to employ on-site security personnel, available at a moment’s notice to respond to emergency situations and diffuse violence. Whereas police may take upwards of 15 minutes to respond to emergency situations, on-site security will be available for immediate emergency response. This means that our security staff can not only save lives and act quickly to eliminate the treat of a violent employee, they’ll serve as a deterrent against workplace violence. Simply by being present, business security staff can demonstrate that, should an employee attempt to make violent threats in the workplace or spread workplace violence, there will be an immediate response to violence.

Trained In Workplace Violence Response Techniques

Although there are training seminars available to help you and your employees recognize violent behaviors and respond to emergency situations, our security staff has the advantage of experience in the field. In fact, determining which acts of threats of violence warrant a heightened level of security can be difficult, especially for anyone who has never terminated an employee or dealt with threats of workplace violence before, making trained workplace violence prevention security an invaluable resource. That’s where we come in. With on-site security personnel, we are able to see violent threats first-hand and react to workplace violence quickly. Because we have training in recognizing and responding to violent threats and violent behaviors, we’re able to prevent workplace violence simply by observing employees and forming an understanding of what can provoke employees to threaten violence or actually attempt to bring violence into the workplace.

Violence Preparedness Following Employee Termination

Even when an employee has been terminated and has been asked to leave your business and your property for good, there’s no saying whether he or she will comply. Unfortunately, terminating employees does not mean that you’ll never be in contact with former employees for one reason or another. Because of this, if your property is accessible to terminated employees who have threatened violence in the past, exhibited violent behavior during termination, or have threatened your safety or the safety of others, then taking increased security measures to protect your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your employees is advisable. With added workplace security, we can help you ensure that you don’t find yourself in an emergency situation with a violent terminated employee through threat management and professional security services for emergency situations.

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